Opinion letter to the editor

Give us a chance

McCormick head of house pens a letter to Senior House residents

Dear Senior House residents,

I feel the need to communicate with you as I deeply care about how the decisions about Senior House have affected you, in particular, those of you whom I have had the privilege to know personally and with whom I have had the opportunity to talk about it. All along my time at MIT, I have tried my best to be a strong advocate for MIT students. However, this time I simply cannot support the idea that the administration's actions are an attempt to bash and curtail the residential culture at Senior House. Those of us who have chosen to embrace the MIT experience to its maximum and become part of the residential community as Heads of House have a profound commitment to supporting students, and greatly value cultural diversity, residential or of any other kind. Chancellor Barnhart and Dean Nelson have demonstrated an unprecedented level of concern, personal involvement, dedication, and courage all along this difficult process; and their actions only reflect their commitment to a safe, healthy MIT family. I have had no participation in these decisions but I strongly support them.

Supporters of the culture-elimination argument simply do not understand the seriousness of the problem. We are sincerely alarmed by the danger to you, our students, and deeply concerned about your wellbeing.

We will welcome you to our residential communities, rejoice in and support your individual differences; and respect your individual freedoms. But we will NOT look away if dangerous lines are crossed.

Give us a chance.



Raul Radovitzky is a professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and is head of house of McCormick Hall.