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Colder weather ahead

We have experienced unseasonably warm weather this week, and Wednesday's high of 86°F was the highest September 27 temperature ever recorded in Boston. However, the temperatures started dropping after a cold front from the northwest passed over us on Thursday. Tropical storm (formerly hurricane) Maria will be passing to our southeast during Thursday and Friday, but the storm will be too far away to affect us with any strong winds or rain. The rain that we can expect on Saturday is instead coming from the northwest, where another incoming cold front will bring along a minor low pressure system. Expect light showers on Friday night and during Saturday. After the passage of this low pressure system we can expect several days of mostly clear skies, when we will be under a large high pressure system ranging from Maine to the Carolinas in latitude and from the coast to the Great Lakes in longitude. This will likely bring temperatures around 70°F and plenty of sun during Monday through Wednesday.