Burton Conner heads of house stepping down

History Professor Anne McCants and her husband, William McCants, will be stepping down as heads of house of Burton Conner at the end of this academic year, according to an email Prof. McCants sent to Burton Conner residents Jan. 9.

Prof. McCants will be starting a three year term as the President of the International Economic History Association this summer, which will “require a lot more travel of me than is feasible while serving as Head of a residence hall as large and complex as BC,” McCants wrote in her email.

The McCants, who became BC Heads of House in 2012, have assumed administrative roles for various living groups on Dorm Row over the years: from 1992 to 2002, they served as the housemasters for Green Hall, then a graduate women’s dorm, and in the years following, Prof. McCants was also a house fellow at New House, according to previous Tech coverage.

Though the McCants will no longer live in BC, they will still be “on the other side of Mass Ave,” Prof. McCants wrote. “I won’t be too far away.”