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Oscillating weather continues

The northeast has experienced an interesting oscillation of temperature and precipitation this winter, and this week was no different. Temperatures warmed up after the cold end of last week, and are expected to rise again after today’s cold spell. The heavy rainstorm earlier this week will be followed by several days of sun, but expect another wet few days starting on Sunday as a low pressure system rolls in from the south. Depending on the temperature, this system could result in snow later next week.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, north Texas experienced its first tornadoes of the year this past week. At least twenty homes were destroyed by a tornado in a city in northeast Texas, and several other twisters were recorded in the surrounding area. Tornadoes can occur all winter in the Deep South, but due to the cold, dry winter in the area so far, these were some of the first few tornadoes since mid-December. Tornado season will be here in full force in just a few months.