Sophomore combines Firehose and Courseroad in new iOS application, FireRoad

FireRoad, a new iOS app created by Venkatesh Sivaraman ’20, combines Firehose and Courseroad, two websites that help students select courses and organize their schedules.

Sivamaran started developing FireRoad in April 2017, and the app was beta tested over IAP 2018, Sivamaran said in an interview with The Tech. It is currently available on the Apple App Store, and has been downloaded over 400 times as of Feb. 6.

The app includes features such as an option to save courses that a user hasn’t decided on yet as “favorites,” descriptions of course requirements for majors and minors, and the ability to create and save multiple schedules and course roads. Beyond the evident functions, FireRoad can also track a user’s progress through various majors and suggest classes that users might not have otherwise known about.

Sivaraman hopes students will use FireRoad as “their primary way to plan their time at MIT.” He plans to continue to develop the app to include potential features such as the ability to view course paths that previous users in the same major have taken, as well as an Android version of the app.

“It’s my gift to the MIT community,” Sivaraman said. “I hope that it helps people.”