Biology Department to change major requirement course

7.002 geared towards providing first and second year students lab exposure

The Biology Department recently announced changes to its major requirements, effective Fall 2018. This will involve splitting the 18-unit 7.02 (Introduction to Experimental Biology and Communication) into a 6-unit class followed by a 12-unit class.

In an interview with The Tech, Biology Department Undergraduate Officer Dennis Kim said that these changes result from years of observing students coming to MIT with different lab backgrounds, and seeing a need “to help balance the playing field.”

While 7.02 will be continued to be offered Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, it will be completely replaced by 7.002 and 7.003 by the following academic year.

According to Kim, 7.002 will be geared towards providing first-year and second-year students with lab exposure that will help them obtain UROPs and internships after the semester, teach them introductory molecular biology and experimental setup, and help fulfill the Institute laboratory requirements.