Investigation ongoing for gunshots fired near PBE fraternity

Gunshots were fired in the vicinity of 400 Memorial Drive, where MIT’s Phi Beta Epsilon fraternity is located, during the early morning hours Tuesday.

“No injuries have been reported and there are no known direct threats to the campus,” according to an emailed campus advisory issued by Sergeant Andrew Turco on behalf of the MIT Police.

Massachusetts State Police have also been involved in the investigation. Several shell casings were found in the area, explained a post on the MSP blog, and it was determined that two windows, a tree, and a parked, unoccupied sport utility vehicle were struck by rounds.

As of the Wednesday post, the investigation, including into potential suspects and motive, remains active.

The glass on one of the first floor windows of PBE was visibly broken and cracked, and will likely need to be replaced, according to an article and photo by The Boston Globe.