2018 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report released

Incidences of burglary increased from 25 to 36 in the last year, while incidences of rape decreased

The MIT Police released their Annual Security and Fire Safety Report Sept. 28. The report contains crime statistics on criminal and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) offenses, arrests and disciplinary referrals, and hate crimes from 2015 to 2017.

The number of reports of rape decreased from 21 in 2015 to 12 in 2017. Inversely, reports of burglary increased from 25 to 36 over the last year, reflecting the influx of “Timely Warnings” that students have received.

For the VAWA statistics, domestic violence stayed the same as last year at 13 reports, while stalking violence increased from eight to 14 and dating violence decreased from seven to three.

Liquor law violations dropped significantly from 77 to 45 from 2016 to 2017, while drug abuse violations increased slightly from five to seven. No hate crimes related to disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, race, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation were reported in 2017.

The report also detailed steps in order to properly handle burglaries, such as taking close notice of an intruder’s appearance, age, height, weight, and clothing and then notifying MIT Police, rather than confronting or pursuing the intruder. Another safety net against burglaries is to get insurance for valuable property.

For stolen bicycles, the report recommends investing in a U-lock and securing the bicycle through both wheels and around the frame because “cables and chains are easily defeated,” according to the report.

“I fell victim to bike theft when my bike was stolen in less than 24 hours after I put it together,” Gary Nguyen ’22 said in an interview with The Tech. “I learned the hard way to avoid cable locks at all costs and since then, I’ve employed three U-locks to secure my bike. Yes, I’m that paranoid now — but not without reason.”

The report also defines dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault. There is a description of consent as informed, freely and actively given, and with mutually understandable words or actions. Silence cannot be taken as consent, and there are ways to report anonymously online.

In addition to crime statistics, the report includes causes of fire, such as a burned cutting board or ignited dry leaves. There were only three fires on school grounds in 2017 in comparison to five in 2015 and 2016.

Crime reports can be made to the MIT Police at (617)-253-1212 or by dialing 100 on an Institute phone.