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Halloween on campus

8800 assel ismoldayeva   20181031 174516
The Halloween-themed entrance to the Howard Dining Hall on Oct. 31.
8801 assel ismoldayeva   20181031 174918
The Halloween-themed "rat" meatloaf at the Howard Dining Hall Oct. 31.
8802 katya bezugla   dsc 6978
Professor Jeff Grossman delivers 3.091 lecture dressed as a Noble Gas.
Katya Bezugla
8804 katya bezugla   dsc 6981
Two students in costume onesies walk through the Infinite.
Katya Bezugla
8806 katya bezugla   dsc 7048
A student dressed in a Spiderman costume costume trick-or-treats at East Campus.
Katya Bezugla
8808 yiliang li   halloween pumpkin carving at edgerton house %285 of 11%29
At an Edgerton House pumpkin carving event, students dressed in dinosaur costumes.
Yiliang Li

The Tech's photographers haunted the corridors of MIT to capture the spookiest moments this Halloween. The MIT student community, as well as some faculty, joined in the celebrations by showing up to their daily activities wearing costumes Oct. 31.