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Next Haunt spooks students for fifth year

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A member of Next Haunt has makeup applied Oct. 26 for his role as an actor who spooks participants.
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In the conference room of Next House's basement, coordinators of Next Haunt monitor participants' progress Oct 26.
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A few days before Next Haunt officially begins, coordinators monitor participants and evaluate the quality of the escape room.
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Next Haunt incorporates many mind-boggling puzzles to not only challenge MIT students to think on their feet, but also do so under the stress of scares inside a haunted house.
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The coordinators of Next Haunt are responsible for devising clever and witty puzzles for participants to solve.
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The exterior of Next Haunt's project was located in the basement lounge of Next House. The project was constructed from scratch in a matter of a few weeks.

Next Haunt is a Next House-based student group that has been building and operating a haunted house-themed escape the room game in the dorm’s basement every Halloween since 2014. The Tech captured photos of both the haunted house and the behind-the-scenes efforts of the actors and producers.