MIT Sailing finishes third at Wood Trophy

MIT sailing performed excellently at the Wood Trophy and at its Team Race Invite 

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Two members of the MIT Sailing team hike out after coming about at the MIT Team Race Invitational this week.

In its second week of competition sailing, the MIT Sailing team participated in the Wood Trophy hosted by Harvard University alongside hosting its own Team Race Invite. 

At the Wood Trophy, MIT, with a record of 10-7, fell behind Harvard University and Tufts University who had records of 13-4 and 12-5 respectively. In the event, Ivan Shestopalov ’21, Stephen Duncan ’20, and Emily Haig ’21 served as the skippers, while Fiona McKellar ’20, Marcus Abate ’20, Julia Cho ’20, Supranamaaya Prasad ’22, Lynn Liu ’20 and Jeremy McCulloch ’22 served as the crews. After going 4-3 and 5-2 in rounds one and two, the Engineers progressed to the final four. In the first two rounds, the Engineers won victories over Fordham University, the University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Northeastern University and the University of Rhode Island. In the final four featuring Harvard, Tufts, and Rhode Island, MIT finished 1-2 with a 3-5-6 win over the Jumbos. 

The Engineers had three boats competing at the MIT Team Race Invite. Engineers 1 (Lulu Russell ’22, Kaila Pfrang ’21, Dana Haig ’21, Isabelle Yen ’21, Liz Obermaier ’21, and Maile Jim ’22) posted a record of 8-3 in round one while in round 2 they posted a record of 6-5. Engineers 2 (Alex Abate ’22, Crew Fritsch ’23, John Ped ’21, Liu, Zoe Lallas ’20, and Abbie Lee ’20) posted a record of 6-5 in both rounds, and Engineers 3 (Charles Lindsey ’21, David Morejon ’20, Meredith Julian ’21, Raymond Huffman ’21, Julia Wyatt ’21, Wendy Wu ’23, Grace Mao ’23, Veronika Silkin ’22, Zoe Fisher ’21, and Elissa Ito ’23) went 4-7 in round one.