Danielle Geathers and Yu Jing Chen elected UA president and vice president

The Undergraduate Association (UA) announced May 2 that Danielle Geathers ’22 and Yu Jing Chen ’22 will serve as its president and vice president for the upcoming academic year. Their presidential platform can be found here

Fiona Chen ’21 and Yara Komaiha ’21 also ran for president and vice president respectively in the first contested UA presidential election since 2017.

Geathers and Yu Jing Chen received 878 votes. Fiona Chen and Komaiha received 850 votes.

According to the UA, 38.5% of the undergraduate population (1743 students) voted in the election, compared to 14.4% (664 students) in last year’s election, 18.3% (833 students) in the 2018 election, and 43.8% (1983 students) in the 2017 election.