MIT to implement new campus visitor policy Fall 2020

A new campus visitor policy for Fall 2020 was announced July 27 by Acting Deputy Executive Vice President Anthony Sharon, Associate Provost Krystyn Van Vliet PhD ’02, Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz, and Vice President for Research Maria Zuber. To maintain low on-campus population density, “visitor access to campus will be significantly limited and discouraged through the end of 2020.” 

The announcement highlighted distinct groups of individuals eligible to request facilitated visits to campus. Exceptions to the general restrictions would be extended to individuals involved in “collaborative research,” “instruction,” or ”campus construction and operations, including residential and retail services.” Exceptions will also apply to individuals who need access to “benefits-related services such as medical care who are not MIT appointees.” 

Additionally, as highlighted in the Research Visitor Guidelines, “new appointments of visiting faculty, scholars, scientists, engineers, and affiliates will not be permitted during the fall 2020 term.” Exceptions to this guideline include Martin Luther King Visiting Professors and Scholars; visiting faculty “needed to fulfill teaching responsibilities”; and visiting “faculty, scholars, scientists, engineers, and affiliates whose visits began prior to the ramp down.”

Visitor restrictions for undergraduate students living in residence halls will also be enforced. According to the Undergraduate Student Policies, daytime and overnight visitors from other residence halls or outside the MIT campus are not permitted in the residence hall at any time. Additionally, fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups (FSILGs) will be closed for the Fall 2020 semester and all events and parties within residence halls and FSILGs are prohibited.