IAP grading to be A, B, C, D/NE, F/NE, without PE/NE option

Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students will receive A, B, C, D/NE, and F/NE grades on Independent Activities Period (IAP) subjects. Unlike in the fall term, students will not be able to have a subject graded on PE/NE.

Rick Danheiser, chair of the faculty and the Academic Policy and Regulations Team, wrote in an email to the MIT community Nov. 16 that the fall term PE/NE option was “introduced to address stress during the fall semester when students are registering for a full complement of classes” but “is not necessary in IAP when students are limited to 12 units of subjects for credit.”

However, juniors, seniors, and graduate students will be able to use the regular junior, senior, and graduate P/D/F grading options during IAP. First years will receive P/NR grades in IAP, as in previous years.

All IAP classes will be conducted remotely.

As in the fall, grades of NE will not appear on students’ external transcripts, but students assigned a D grade may choose to accept the grade to fulfill a graduation requirement. 

The grading system for Spring 2021 has not yet been determined.