MIT admits 719 Early Action applicants

Acceptance rate reaches record low of 4.8%

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MIT bloggers and admissions staff host a live Q&A session for Early Action admits to the Class of 2025.
Kristina Chen–The Tech

MIT offered early admission to 719 out of 15,036 students for the Class of 2025 Dec. 19, Assistant Director of MIT Admissions Chris Peterson SM ’13 wrote in a blog post

The number of Early Action applicants this year was a record high, a 62% increase from 9,291 applicants the previous year. 

The large applicant pool also marks the most competitive year of early admissions for the Institute. Along with the 719 students (4.8%) accepted, 10,656 students (70.9%) were deferred to be “reconsidered without prejudice” during the Regular Action admissions process, Peterson wrote. 3,101 students (20.6%) were not offered admission this year. The remaining applicants withdrew their application before being considered or requested to be considered during Regular Action. 

Harvard University and Yale University also received a record high number of Early Action applicants, accepting 747 out of 10,086 students (7.4%) and 837 out of 7,939 students (10.5%), respectively. Princeton University opted to cancel its early admissions program for the Class of 2025.