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Spring into the last month of class!

With spring here, everyone on campus is looking to enjoy some time in the sun. This week everyone is in luck! The next few days will be sunny with a hint of clouds. The long weekend just passed but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some time to head outdoors. Some ways to spend time outdoors include a socially distanced walk with a friend, pset on Kresge, and throwing a frisbee on Killian. Whatever it may be, try to get outside and enjoy the sun!

On Sunday, rain is a possibility so don’t put away your raincoats just yet. Even though rain and cooler temperatures can get people down, power through the rest of the semester. The final stretch is here! Summer is around the corner. With nicer weather starting to roll in, try to have some fun amidst the chaos that is the final weeks of the semester. 

Extended forecast:
Thursday: Cloudy. High around 50°F (10°C). West winds around 23 mph.
Thursday night: Partly cloudy. Low around 38°F (3°C). West winds around 17-21 mph.
Friday: Sunny and clear. High around 58°F (14°C) and low around 45°F (7°C). West winds around 10–14 mph.
Saturday: Sunny. High around 66°F (19°C) and low around 48°F (9°C). West winds around 10 mph.
Sunday: Rain likely. High around 52°F (11°C) and low around 45°F (7°C). East winds around 14–17 mph.