Sunny fall weather mocks midterm season

As midterms loom above us this week, so does the sun, boasting temperatures slightly above the historical October average for Boston. Higher than average temperatures are expected in much of the Northeast for a couple more weeks. At least the humidity in Boston has dropped significantly! The sun is having much more of a successful midterm season than I am. 

As a post-midterm reward, consider sailing or kayaking for the last time this season before it becomes too cold outside. Though some showers are possible, heavy rain is unlikely. The Charles River is lovely at this time of year, giving us calm waters and picturesque sunsets. It’s a shame we can’t all take our midterms outside!

Extended forecast:
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High around 71°F (22°C).  Light winds turning southeast.
Thursday night: Mostly clear. Low around 59°F (15°C). Winds around 6 mph. 
Friday: Sunny, then chance showers. High around 69°F (21°C) and low around 56°F (13°C).  East winds around 10–13 mph. 
Saturday: Partly sunny. High around 61°F (16°C) and low around 54°F (12°C). East winds 8–10 mph. 
Sunday: Mostly cloudy. High around 64°F (18°C) and low around 56°F (13°C). Light winds, 5–7 mph.