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Prepare for a probable pause in precipitation

Alright everybody. Our weather is going to be arguably boring, but really nice for clubs and organizations to do stuff outside! So go study outside and enjoy the breezy autumn weather during the day, and bundle up during the night. After all, we’re reaching that point where we can once again freeze water with some outside air, and it’s gonna get colder from here. So stay warm, enjoy your hot drink of choice, and wear a jacket.

In other weather-related news, Tropical Storm Wanda recently broke a month-long drought of storm formation in the Atlantic Ocean when it formed on October 30. This drought was one of the longest during the hurricane season in the modern era, being especially significant coming off the back of a historically active season. Tropical Storm Wanda marks the third time in history, and the second year in a row, that the National Hurricane Center has exhausted its standard list of 21 names. While it is not expected to impact land, its formation is still a historical occasion in storm activity.

Extended forecast:
Thursday: Sunny. High around 48°F (9°C). Low of 35°F (2°C). Light winds in the north, around 5 mph. 
Thursday night: Mostly cloudy. High of 49°F (9°C). Low around 35°F (2°C), with light winds in the north around 6 mph.
Friday: From cloudy to sunny, high around 51°F (11°C) and low around 33°F (1°C). Northwest winds stay around 6 mph.
Saturday: Sunny day at 53°F (12°C) and partially cloudy night around 36°F (2°C). Wind is now west, but still at 6 mph.
Sunday: Partial clouds at 53°F (12°C) transition to a lot more clouds at night, with a low of 39°F (4°C). The wind is now north and is still at 6 mph.