Class of 2024 Fall Formal held Oct. 24 at Westin Copley Place

600 students attended Twenty Fourmal, an in-person event organized by the 2024 Class Council

Twenty Fourmal, a fall formal for the MIT Class of 2024, took place on Sunday, Oct. 24 at the Westin Copley Place in Boston. Approximately 600 students attended the event, organized by the 2024 Class Council.

Class Council Vice President Amy Hu ’24 provided additional insight into the planning process on behalf of the Class Council in an interview with The Tech. 

Hu said that the Council “started looking into different venue options in August” and began planning the formal at the start of the semester, noting that they “held meetings once or twice a week all throughout September and October and ramped up the hours spent working” in the weeks leading up to the event. 

Hu said that the primary concern in selecting a venue was pricing; smaller logistics like food, activities, and theme were decided in part by polling the student body for ideas. COVID-19 concerns and safety “definitely played a role” in deciding logistics, though, by adhering to MIT policies, the event was “pretty much guaranteed” to be COVID-safe. 

COVID-19 policies did bar students from bringing non-MIT students as plus-ones — attendees were required to be registered on COVIDPass. Sophomores were allowed to bring MIT students from other class years as plus-ones upon purchase of a ticket for $24. 

The Class Council sent out a Google form soliciting student feedback “on various aspects of the event ranging from pre-formal catering to coat check at formal.” According to Hu, the response has been positive on the whole- —most students “enjoyed spending time with fellow 24s at the event and generally had a good time,” though there were also a few responses that were critical of “some details” of the event “like music choice.”

Eric Gan ’24 “liked the vibrant atmosphere,” writing that “everyone had a lot of energy” and that he “got to meet a lot of new people.” He also pointed out that “there wasn’t much to do other than dance.”

Michelle Liang ’25 said that she “liked the dance in general” and that “it felt nice to have a formal event when we didn’t get prom in high school.” Liang felt that the ticket price for non-’24s was steep, stating that “the price was not based.”

Sruthi Parthasarathi ’24 said “though I’m not usually big on formals, I liked that this was the first event where we had an opportunity to see our class gathered in one place, because it made me feel more connected to them.”