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A snowy campus welcomes the spring semester!

Campus is alive and bustling with students heading to their classes once again. There is still snow around campus from last weekend’s blizzard. On Briggs Field and Killian you can see where students have gone out to enjoy the snow. Make sure to wear your jacket when heading to class!

Yesterday was Groundhog Day and well, it’s an uncertain forecast. Two different groundhogs had conflicting predictions. Punxsutawney Phil from Pennsylvania predicted six more weeks of winter. Meanwhile, in New York, Staten Island Chuck saw his shadow and predicted an early spring. Either way, we are in for some more rain and possible snow today and tomorrow. Don’t worry, there is relief this weekend with sunny conditions!

Extended forecast:

Thursday: Cloudy with a chance of rain. High around 44°F (7°C). Southwest winds around 8 mph. 
Thursday night: Rain. Low around 30°F (-1°C). Southwest winds around 6-10 mph. 
Friday: Rain, snow, and sleet. High around 35°F (2°C) and low around 15°F (-9°C). North wind around 14 mph. 
Saturday: Mostly sunny and clear. High around 23°F (-5°C) and low around 9°F (-13°C). Northwest winds 10-14 mph.  
Sunday: Partly sunny. High around 31°F (-1°C) and low around 22°F (-6°C). Northwest winds around 6 mph.