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Grayscale weather is gathering, in general

On the tail end of the latest flood warning, we can expect some calm weather through the end of the weekend before more winter weather makes its way through Cambridge. The weather over the US have become more active over the course of this month, with storm systems now developing every few days and falling snow becoming a common sight on campus.

Campus has been covered in white, with snow totals accumulating as more storms pass through. It’s nice to walk outside to a new snowman built on the Kresge lawn each day!


Today: Rain likely. High around 47°F (8°C). Southwest winds 20-25 mph.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low around 31°F (-1°C). West winds 15-20 mph.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High around 37°F (3°C) and low around 32°F (0°C). Southwest winds 10-12 mph.
Saturday: Cloudy. High around 41°F (5°C) and low around 33°F (1°C). Southwest winds 10-15 mph.
Sunday: Cloudy. High around 43°F (6°C) and low around 37°F (3°C). South winds 7-12 mph.