MITHenge occurred from Nov. 10 to Nov. 13

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Students gather to watch MITHenge, a semiannual phenomenon where the setting sun aligns perfectly with the Infinite Corridor, Saturday, November 11.

MITHenge occurred from Nov. 10 to Nov. 13. During MITHenge, the setting sun aligns with the Infinite Corridor’s entire length, a hallway approximately 823 feet long. This phenomenon occurs at two different times each year — once around November 11 and January 31. 

This year, MITHenge was accompanied by a number of events organized by MIT’s MindHandHeart. On Nov. 8, Professor Richard Binzel of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences gave a lecture on cosmic alignment. On Nov. 10 and 11, refreshments and a closing reception were held.