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Winter Hangs On

Winter Hangs On

Despite the approach of the first day of climatological spring on March 1, winter conditions continue to stay with us. As of yesterday evening, Logan Airport had received 1.6 inches of snow from the most recent snowstorm, bringing the seasonal total to 6.4 inches. On this day last year the total was 39.9 inches. It looks like we will have another chance to increase the total late this week and into the weekend, as a low pressure system over the Rockies moves eastward and intensifies. This system brings a whole bag of goodies in terms of precipitation — everything from snow to rain and freezing rain. High temperatures this week will be in the upper 30s°F, while lows will be in the upper 20s°F.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Low 28°F (-2°C).

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy. High 41°F (5°C).

Tomorrow night: Partly cloudy. Low 28°F (-2°C).

Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 38°F (3°C).

Friday: Rain and snow. High 36°F (2°C).