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17 Feet Under

17 Feet Under

When precipitation is measured in feet, it’s usually when it snows. For example, a severe Nor’easter may bring 2-3 feet over a day or two to New England, but how about 17 feet of rain in six days? A small island in the Indian Ocean, La Reunion, received an incredible amount of rainfall from Tropical Cyclone Gamede late last month. A new world record was set at Commerson’s Crater, a volcano on the island, with a staggering three day rainfall total of 155 in. (3.9 m) and a one week total of 213 in. (5.4 m). Compare this to the yearly average precipitation in Boston of 41.5 in (1.1 m). Although Gamede never made landfall on La Reunion, the excessive rainfall was caused by persistent rain squalls continually lashing the island as the tropical cyclone moved slowly toward the southwest.

Closer to home, much more benign weather is in the forecast. The memory of -20°F (-29°C) wind chills a week ago will be replaced by above average temperatures as southerly winds import warmer air over the area. With enough sun on Wednesday, we may be enjoying downright balmy conditions for March. However, things will return back to a seasonably cool and wet pattern toward the latter half of the week as a cold front pushes over the area.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Cloudy. Low 43°F (6°C).

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, breezy, and mild. High 65°F (18°C).

Thursday: Cloudy with rain showers likely. High 50°F (10°C).