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Dry Weekend Ahead

Dry Weekend Ahead

Perhaps the most startling weather event of the past week was the batch of heavy snow that paid us a visit Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately, it was too warm for any significant accumulation or ice hazards. As it turns out, April snowfalls are not uncommon in Boston. The average total snowfall for April is around 1.5 inches, which accounts for a little under 4 percent of the seasonal total. The record monthly snowfall for April is 22.4 inches, which occurred in 1996 (and is more than we've gotten for the entire year). Surprisingly, the latest snowfall ever was on June 17 in 1952! (Source:

The weekend ahead looks dry with a mix of clouds and sunshine. High temperatures will be near 50°F (10°C) with lows around 30°F (-1°C), so I wouldn't put away your winter coat just yet.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 33°F (1°C).

Tomorrow: Partly sunny. High 45°F (7°C)

Tomorrow night: Partly cloudy. Low 30°F (-1°C)

Sunday: Partly sunny. High 55°F (13°C)

Monday: Partly sunny. High 51°F (11°C)