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Marching Storms

Marching Storms

As if stepping to a drumbeat, storms keep catching us on the weekend. The jet stream is currently situated like a welcome mat from sea to shining sea allowing storms to quickly traverse across the country. This flow, which is known as a progressive pattern, is characterized by quick hitting but frequent storms. The first in a series of storms will come through Saturday morning giving us a light bout of rain, which will quickly clear out in the afternoon.

The second storm is actually a bigger storm, but not for us. It will pass well south of us and head out to sea where it is forecasted to blow up into quite a powerful cyclone. Earlier in the week, a couple of the forecast models were instead projecting the storm to make a pass much closer to New England bringing us perilously close to an all out raging blizzard, but to the snow weary’s relief, reality is looking much more benign. At worst, we’d see a few light snow showers Sunday with strong winds Sunday night and Monday as the ocean cyclone spins up offshore.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Light rain. Low 37°F (3°C).

Tomorrow: Light rain in the morning then mostly cloudy. High 43°F (6°C).

Tomorrow night: Mostly cloudy. Low 32°F (0°C).

Sunday: Cloudy with a chance of rain or snow showers. Windy late. High 40°F (4°C).