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Sunny weekend ahead

Wednesday’s storm was a major disappointment for those hoping for significant snow accumulations here in Cambridge. While the storm dumped around a foot of snow along the I-95 corridor from Washington D.C. to New York City, it remained stalled off the Long Island coast for most of the day on Wednesday. We therefore only experienced light snow and some drizzly rain; Logan Airport recorded 1.2” of snow. It appears that warm air advection wrapping around the storm allowed the temperatures to increase enough to prevent significant snow accumulation in Eastern Massachusetts.

The remnants of Wednesday’s low pressure system are currently over the Canadian maritime region, and will circulate dry, cold air into the Boston area throughout the weekend. Temperatures should be in the low to mid 30°F’s with mostly clear skies and west winds. Our next chance for snow is another coastal storm on Monday night/Tuesday, but the models are currently predicting the track to be too far south to bring Boston much in terms of precipitation.