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Grey haven

With weather more reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been mired in clouds with intermittent rain and snow for the better part of a week. The wind and rain storm Thursday evening sent gusts roaring over 60 mph (97 kph) from Boston to Concord, NH knocking down trees, tearing off roofs, and even sending a shed full of snow tubes flying across I-495. While we got the brunt of the wind and rain, New York City experienced its fourth largest snow storm on record with 20.9 inches (53 cm) in Central Park. The higher elevations of the Green and White Mountains in northern New England received more than 3 feet (91 cm) of snow, a boon to ski resorts which have been desperate for natural snow.

The storm responsible for last week’s fury has since moved off the coast, but it has become reinvigorated south of Nova Scotia and has sent an army of clouds back toward us. Unfortunately, another storm currently near Florida waits in the wings to replace it. That storm will guarantee another predominately gray week and possibly some sprinkles or flurries tomorrow. At the latest, the sun does promise to return Thursday afternoon or Friday.