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Fall fluctuations

Fall weather in New England is characterized by a great deal of variability in the day to day weather, particularly the temperature. The temperature oscillates back and forth between warm and cold, while overall trending colder as we move towards winter. This will be especially apparent over the next couple of days. A cold frontal passage last night brought dry, cold air into the region, making today’s high 5–10°F below normal. Breezy conditions out of the northwest will make it feel even colder, so it is definitely a day to break out a jacket. The dry, clear conditions mean the temperature could drop quite a bit over night into the lower to mid 30s °F . Over the weekend, partial sunshine and warm air advection will moderate the temperatures, before we enter a few days of above average temperatures (upper 60s °F) at the beginning of next week. The weekend should be mostly rain free, with the exception a chance of showers on Sunday afternoon.