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Apple-picking season here; winter, not yet

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Situation for Noon Eastern Time, Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The next few days look to be warm, humid, and rainy, with a crisp fall cold front moving through toward the end of the week. Along with autumn’s arrival comes the advent of apple-picking season; look for dorm and FSILG trips to nearby orchards in the near future!

On Sept. 27, in the less-nourishing year of 1816, a black frost over New England killed unripened corn and resulted in a year of famine. During another cold spell on this day in 1987, the summit of Mt. Washington, NH received 5 inches of snow, temperatures at just 13°F (-11°C), and wind gusts up to 99 mph. Fortunately, winter still seems quite far off, and the worst we should have to deal with in the predictable future are some uncomfortable rainstorms.