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Yesterday’s warm day a record high for Boston

Yesterday’s decidedly spring like weather set a record high temperature for March 8 in Boston. The recorded high at Logan Airport was 68°F, surpassing the previous record set in 1995 at 67°F, and a whopping 25°F above the climatological value. In addition, as anyone who was outside yesterday knows, it was quite windy, with a sustained wind of 37 mph and gusts to 49 mph at Logan. The weather station on the roof of the Green Building recorded a high temperature of 68.8°F, a maximum sustained wind of 23 mph, and a maximum wind gust of 36 mph. These strong winds were felt across much of the Northeast, with maximum wind gusts of up to 54 mph along coast south of Boston. Unfortunately for those hoping the warm weather was here to stay, we will have a brief period of chillier weather (around normal values in the low 40°Fs) today and Saturday, following a cold front. The high temperatures look to return early next week, with temperatures near 70°F possible.