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The high pressure system that has brought good weather to our area for the past few days will continue to linger over the East Coast until at least the beginning of the weekend. Today and tomorrow will see clear skies, calm winds, and warm temperatures in the 70s°F, with nighttime lows in the upper 50s°F.

By Sunday, however, a cold front will move in from the west; this system, which is currently moving across the middle of the U.S., will bring some rain and slightly colder temperatures.

Although the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season has been unusually quiet thus far, the Pacific Basin is very active this year. Typhoon Usagi, currently situated northeast of the Philippines, intensified rapidly between Tuesday and today. It is now the strongest storm of 2013, with sustained winds of 160 mph. It reached “super typhoon” status yesterday, which makes it comparable to a Category 5 hurricane. It is forecast to impact southern Taiwan on Saturday, bringing heavy rain and strong winds. It will likely weaken before reaching mainland China on Sunday.