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Chilly temperatures continue

Although we experienced a brief respite from the cold on Monday with afternoon temperatures reaching into the mid 40s°F, that relief did not last long thanks to another Arctic cold front sweeping across our area Monday evening. Behind the front, air temperatures in the teens combined with wind gusts of up to 28 mph led to bitterly cold wild chills below 0°F yesterday morning.

Unfortunately, Boston likely won’t see any relief from the cold until the weekend. Last night and this morning, a low-pressure system tracked up the coast, and so there is a chance we may see some light snow this morning as the storm moves away from New England. Otherwise, skies will clear by early afternoon and we should see a high temperature of around 25°F (-4°C). On Thursday, a high pressure settles in to our south, allowing for sunny skies and a slightly warmer high temperature of about 29°F (-2°C). The warming trend will continue on Friday, and this weekend we should see high temperatures in the upper thirties/low forties, although we may see some rain on Saturday and Sunday associated with a low pressure system sliding up from the lower Midwest.