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Rainy Saturday could dampen weekend plans

There is a chance of rain this weekend as a Low in the Great Lakes region sweeps cold air in our direction. The most rain (up to 0.50 in) is likely to hit late in the evening Saturday and pass by Sunday morning, so don’t completely write off your outdoor weekend plans yet. Clear skies and a moderately warm day (mid/upper 60s °F) should follow the wet weather on Sunday. This kind of weather associated with the passing of fronts is likely to be the norm over the coming weeks.

While the chance of rain can be a downer, it could be a lot worse: over the Pacific yesterday, Typhoon Phanfone intensified to a Category 4-equivalent typhoon, with estimated maximum winds of 130 mph. While it is uncertain exactly what path the typhoon will take over the next couple of days, it is projected to dump up to 8 inches of rain on parts of Japan, and favorable conditions could see it intensify further.