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Off-shore storm to make weekend weather unpleasant

A cold and rainy weekend is in store for the Boston/Cambridge area as a low pressure system rides Northward just off the coast. On Saturday and Sunday, temperatures will likely top out in the mid 40s (°F) and will likely drop below freezing on Sunday night. There is a very good chance of rain on Saturday, with up to half an inch possible, depending on the path the off-shore storm takes.

While most, if not all, of the precipitation that we are likely to get will be in the form of rain, there is a non-zero chance that we will see our first snowflakes of the season towards the end of the weekend. The off-shore storm will still be in development as it passes us, but that won’t stop it from bringing strong Northerly winds that will supply cold air and wind chills in the low 20s (°F) or colder to finish off the weekend.