Boston inching toward snowfall record

The onslaught of major snowstorms that struck the Boston area in late January and February has left the city just inches shy of the all-time record for snowiest winter. That record of 105.7 snowfall inches, set in the winter of 1995-1996, will be tied if an additional 1.9 inches of snowfall are recorded at Logan Airport before July 1st. In fact, the record has a chance to be broken this weekend, as a low pressure system will bring moisture from the Gulf of Mexico north to New England in the form of rain and snow. At this time, it appears most likely that the storm will begin as a mostly-rain event on Friday night or Saturday morning before a possible changeover to snow showers on Saturday night or Sunday. Although above-freezing temperatures may make snow accumulation challenging during this storm, there may be another chance for the record to be broken as snow showers move through the area on Monday night. That this record is on the verge of being surpassed is especially impressive considering that the seasonal snowfall total stood at only 5.5 inches as of January 23.

In the short term, a significant cooldown is occurring in advance of the weekend storm, with brisk winds ushering in cold air from the northwest. This will cause today’s high temperature to be around 20°F (11 K) cooler than yesterday’s.

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