High pressure heralds return of spring

After a brutal winter in which it was colder than 40°F for over a month, the Boston area is finally getting a taste of above-normal temperatures. With a high of 69°F (21°C), yesterday was the warmest day of 2015 so far, 14° warmer than the normal high of 55°F (13°C) for this time of year.

A line of showers will sweep through the area this morning in association with a cold front. Cloudy skies are expected in the afternoon, but an offshore breeze will keep temperatures in the 60s °F. Afterwards, mild temperatures and sunshine will return for the remainder of the week as a broad high pressure system settles in over New England. As is often the case in springtime, the afternoon temperature each day will depend on whether there is a sea breeze: If a sea breeze develops, temperatures will be kept down in the 50s °F as cool air blows in from the (roughly 40°F) ocean. Otherwise, if the wind blows in the offshore direction, temperatures will be able to rise into the 60s °F. Look for sea breezes to develop on Thursday and possibly Wednesday of this week.