Things are heating up in the Boston area

With a high temperature of 88°F (31°C), yesterday was tied for the second-warmest day of the year so far, according to National Weather Service observations taken at Logan Airport. Interestingly, 2015’s hottest day so far was nearly two months ago on May 10, when the temperature reached 89°F. Since then, Boston has recorded a high of 88°F on four separate occasions, but the city has yet to reach the 90°F mark. Although 90°F is an arbitrary threshold, this statistic is a bit unusual: on average, Boston experiences 12.9 days per year with a high temperature of 90°F or higher, 3.2 of which normally occur before July 1st. The lack of 90-degree temperatures so far means 2015 will have at least the 6th-latest occurrence of 90°F in Boston’s recorded history.

After the passage of a cold front through eastern Massachusetts yesterday evening, today’s temperatures will be much cooler, with clouds and onshore winds keeping temperatures in the mid-70s °F. However, a return to the 80s °F can be expected tomorrow as sunshine returns and winds shift to flow from the northwest. The next chance to challenge the 90°F mark will come at the beginning of next week before the next frontal passage brings showers and cooler air once again.