A May-like start to February

Barely a week after a historic blizzard left much of the northeastern United States buried in snow, spring-like weather has spread along the East Coast. In Boston, where only 6.1" of snow were received in the January 23 storm, temperatures neared record levels at the end of the month. The January 31 high temperature of 57°F (14°C) at Logan Airport was 5°F shy of the record high of 62°F (17°C) set in 1913. The next day, the temperature reached 65°F (18°C), just 1°F short of the all-time record for February 1. For comparison, the normal high temperature is 36°F for this time of year, and the normal high won't reach 60°F until April 27.

Boston will have another opportunity to break a high temperature record on Wednesday, as a strong southerly flow brings warm air back to the region ahead of an afternoon cold front. Rain will move into the area, possibly becoming heavy at times as the front passes through tomorrow afternoon. Depending on the timing of the front and the associated rain showers, the temperature may again fall just short of the February 3 record high of 59°F (15°C).