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Showers threaten to dampen commencement

A warm front will pass from west to east through southern New England on Friday, bringing with it warmer temperatures but also the threat of rain. Formation of showers will be possible along a line stretching from Maine to Maryland as the front forces air upward, leading to condensation of water vapor as the rising air cools. The good news is that any showers that do form will likely be light in nature, so the commencement ceremony in Killian Court will not be a washout. The bad news is that open umbrellas are not permitted during the ceremony, so be sure to dress appropriately!

The front will move offshore on Friday night, leaving Massachusetts in the warm sector of a cyclone centered over eastern Canada. As a result, Saturday will be the most enjoyable day of the weekend, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures potentially reaching the 80°F (27°C) mark.

Sunday, on the other hand, likely will be a washout, with more substantial rain on the way as a cold front makes its way across the region.