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Cooler weather for the weekend, warmer next week

An autumn front is poised to bring cooler temperatures and clear skies to New England this weekend. Following today’s clouds and showers, cold crisp air will be ushered into the region on strong gusting breezes from the north and northwest. The cooler weather will be accompanied by strong high pressure and light winds that could allow temperatures to drop near or into the 30s F on Friday and Saturday nights.

Temperatures will then moderate, warming on Sunday into next week with highs in the mid 60s F. Elsewhere, across the central United States, several fall systems are poised to dip south and move east with cold fronts and cooler air. The first snows of the season have already occurred in the mountain west, and will continue to increase as fall progresses. In the Pacific Northwest, heavy rain from training low pressure systems will persist through the foreseeable future. In the tropics, Hurricane Nicole is expected to pass over Bermuda today before rapidly moving off to the northeast and weakening. It is not expected to be a further threat to land.