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Wintry cold looms for weekend

An Arctic air mass will plunge into the northeastern United States this weekend, causing temperatures to plummet significantly below normal. The cold air will begin to make its way into our region tonight, as a stiff northwesterly breeze develops on the backside of a low pressure system currently passing eastward through Quebec. Cold air advection will continue through the day tomorrow, with the wintry wind transporting frigid Canadian air directly toward the Institute. By Saturday, the cold air mass will be firmly in place, causing both high and low temperatures to be around 15 degrees Fahrenheit lower than normal for this time of year.

The weekend will wrap up with a chance of snow on Sunday night and/or Monday morning. Numerical weather prediction models currently show New England being overspread by snow showers during this time frame as a low pressure system develops over the region. However, it is too soon to predict with confidence exactly how much snow will fall.