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Multiple rain chances over the next several days

The Northeast will see several chances for rain over the next several days as a train of low pressure systems moves rapidly across the northern United States and southern Canada. The first of these is bringing rain and breezy conditions to Boston today, but should depart the area late tonight. In its wake, we can expect a sunny, windy Friday under high pressure with high temperatures in the lower 40s °F and low temperatures in the upper 20s °F. However, this sunny weather will not last long. Another system, currently located over the Pacific Northwest, will move east and, over the weekend, develop into a strong extratropical cyclone over the Great Lakes. It will drive a cold front with rain across the Eastern United States, moving offshore by Monday. Beyond the weekend, the weather
pattern supports continued shots of cold air, along with associated rain and low pressure systems; whether this pattern will continue into winter remains unclear.