Campus Life by the numbers

10 things that tell you that (a Cambridge) spring is coming

Regardless of what the groundhog saw this year, I feel this one in my gut

It’s my second spring in Cambridge, but I already know what to expect: slush everywhere and flowers blooming through it. Here are a few more signs that a true Cambridge spring is upon us:

1. You feel it in your bones...or your nose. To be precise, if you’ve got allergies like me: You sneeze, your eyes itch, and your nose starts running all for “no reason.” It’s like I can sense the pollen before it even gets here.

2. People are asking what your spring break plans are. Maybe you should get on booking tickets before they get expensive.

3. You hear birds chirping as you walk to class. It won't be long until the squirrels come back out, either. 

4. You can’t decide between wearing a winter sweater and a T-shirt. 

5. It’s 70 degrees out and then snowing the next day. Friendly reminder to check the weather before you put anything on!

6. Along those lines, it rains. A lot.

7. As a result, the ground is always wet, and any field is just mud. Either it’s raining, the snow is melting, or the snow is falling.

8. At least there’s no salt on the sidewalk to stain your shoes.

9. The MacGregor wind tunnel isn’t synonymous with pain anymore. As a resident of said dorm, I appreciate this one the most.  

10. The sun sets after all your classes are over! If you have the opportunity, you should check out Lobby 7 around 5 p.m. — the doors and windows leading out to Mass Ave are a beautiful shade of orange.