Opinion letter to the editor

Alumnus on silence around Senior House

To the editors,

I have searched in vain for information about the students affected by the Senior House diaspora. Now that a year has gone by, it is time for the administration to report on how the students who were thrown out of their “home” have adjusted to their changed life at the Institute.

Since this move was ostensibly made for the benefit of the students, surely the administration has been gathering anecdotal evidence from residence monitors, faculty advisors, and DSL administrators and counselors to make sure the affected students were adjusting to their new circumstances.

While it may be too early to see any sort of grade analysis, the administration should be sharing whatever information it has. The Tech could also provide a forum for those students affected to address the MIT community directly on their first year away from Senior House.

As a former resident of Senior House who feels that the students were badly used, the administration has an obligation to make this episode as transparent as possible, and to demonstrate that they did not forget about these students after they had their fait accompli.

— Rick Collarini ’72