MIT pushes undergrads to accelerate move out timeline

Classes Friday are cancelled

MIT is “strongly advising all undergraduate students to accelerate their move out plans,” according to an MIT Alert sent at around 10:45 p.m. today. All classes Friday are cancelled. 

Undergraduate students who move out by the end of Sunday will be provided with free storage (if they are returning in the fall) and reimbursed up to $500 for “travel change expenses and new reservation costs,” according to additional information published on the Division of Student Life’s website. 

“With the declaration of a state of emergency by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the doubling of Covid-19 cases in the Greater Boston area, the Institute is increasingly concerned for the safety of the community and is therefore taking extraordinary steps,” the alert said. 

Charlie Baker, governor of Massachusetts, declared a state of emergency Tuesday, shortly before President L. Rafael Reif informed undergraduate students that they would be required to move out by March 17. 

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