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Icy IAP is not icky

Bad Ideas Weekend is happening! It would be a bad idea to not dress in layers or bring a coat, but you decide if you’re going to full send the theme. You will hopefully have the opportunity to try all of your crazy snow related ideas Thursday, but be mindful of ice as the temperature drops. Who knows, a little extra slide might be right what you are looking for! Please don’t try to ice skate on the Charles though; passing the swim test will not be able to save you. 

Looking ahead to next week, get excited for some precipitation! Rain and snow are projected in the forecast, so get ready to see water fall from the sky in multiple forms! Californians especially prepare yourselves; activities and life will not stop! Bring an umbrella, invest in a waterproof coat and boots, and be amazed that water falls from the sky naturally! 

Extended forecast:
Thursday: 80% chance of snow in the morning (1-2 in). High around 32°F (0°C). West winds 10-13 mph. 
Thursday night: Partly cloudy skies. Low around 3°F (-16°C). Northwest winds around 14 mph with wind chill reaching -4. 
Friday: Most sunny with a high of 8°F (-13°C) and a low of -5°F (-20°C). Northern winds 8-11 mph with wind chills as low as -3. 
Saturday: Snow possible. High around 26°F (-3°C) and low around 13°F (-11°C). Winds 6-8 mph from the north.  
Sunday: Partly sunny, with a high around 34°F (1°C) and low around 20°F (-7°C). West winds 6-7 mph.