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March on through midterms and precipitation

Though March has started, a season which you might associate with spring if your hometown gave you a reasonable framework of winter, we will continue to be in the grips of the cold. Snow is still on the ground and more might come this morning, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear and wake up with sufficient time to get to class. Please don’t slip (speaking from experience, it’s not fun)! 

After Thursday, there will be sunny skies to brighten your day as you take or prep for midterms; you got this!!! You might view Sunday’s rain as a real damper to the weekend, setting up a gloomy week of midterms for your weary soul. However, note that with the precipitation comes warmer weather, a high of 58°F and a low of 45°F. Take this as a note that rain (and other water projectiles like say tears) are not bad — dance in the rain! 

Extended forecast:

Today: Chance of 0.5 in. of snow and cloudy skies in the morning but becoming sunny by afternoon. The high is near 37°F (2.7°C). 8 to 15 mph Northwest winds with max wind speeds of 25 kph. 
Tonight: Mostly clear skies with a low of 12°F (-11°C). Northwest winds 8 to 13 mph. 
Friday: Sunny with clear skies and west winds from 3 to 7 mph. High of 33°F (0.5°C) and a low of 19°F (-7.2°C) 
Saturday: Partly sunny with a chance of snow at night. High temperature near 41°F (5°C) with west winds 3 to 6 mph. 
Sunday: Rain with a high near 58°F. South to southwest winds of 8 to 13 mph.