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Sunny Skies to Start the Year of the Dragon

With celebrations for the Lunar New Year upcoming, the clouds are parting giving way to a weekend full of sunny skies and warmer weather. Let the good luck breeze through with wind speeds approximately 10 mph for the festivities! 

The Year of the Dragon is known to bring good fortune, which might explain this nice weather after a dreary January! 2024 corresponds with the Wood Dragon element, which is known for new beginnings, so use the warm days and sunlight to set yourself up for success this semester! 


Today: Mostly sunny with a high of 39°F (3.89°C) and ~10 mph winds Northeast. 
Tonight: There will be a low of 30°F (-1.11 °C) with mostly cloudy skies. Northeast winds around 5-8 mph. 
Friday: Mostly sunny with a high of 41°F (5 °C) and a low of 31°F (-0.56 °C). 5-7 mph North winds. 
Saturday: Partly sunny with Southwest winds around 10-14 mph. The high is 57°F (13.89°C) with a low of 41°F (5°C). 
Sunday: Mostly sunny with a high of 50°F (10°C).