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Counterclockwise Rotation for Saturday

Counterclockwise Rotation for Saturday

The most interesting aspect of today’s forecast is the possibility that we will see firsthand some of the effects of Noel (officially a hurricane by yesterday at 8 p.m.). As the tropical storm transitions into an extratropical cyclone, it will weaken back to tropical storm strength, to later intensify into hurricane force winds by Saturday afternoon. By Saturday at 5 p.m., the center storm will (most likely) pass at about 150 miles from the coast of Massachusetts with some models (those with the westernmost trajectories) giving even hurricane force winds for the Cape and tropical storm winds for Boston. The exact trajectory of the storm is at this moment uncertain, but there is the potential of significant wind related disruptions for Saturday afternoon and evening, so plan your activities accordingly and stay tuned to the latest forecasts.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Low 43°F (6°C).

Saturday: Mostly cloudy and very windy. Chance of heavy rain, especially during the late afternoon. High 48°F (9°C).

Sunday: Weather improving rapidly after the passage of the storm. Partly cloudy. Low 40°F (4°C). High 54°F (12°C).